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April 2024

April 2024: Embracing different brains in the Workplace

Centering neurodiversity as an integral part of your Inclusion strategy


Lydia X. Z. Brown

We unlock and harness the power of acceptance in the workplace with our transformative workshop, “Embracing Different Brains in the Workplace: Centering Neurodiversity as an Integral Part of your Inclusion Strategy.” In this workshop, we’ll explore how embracing neurodiversity can drive innovation, creativity, and productivity within your organization. Discover practical strategies for accommodating diverse neurological profiles and intersectionality by creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Learn how to foster understanding and appreciation for the unique strengths and perspectives that neurodiverse individuals bring. Join DLA as we journey towards building a more inclusive and equitable workplace where diverse brains and intersections are valued, respected, and celebrated. Let’s create a culture of belonging where everyone can reach their full potential together.

By request of presenter, April Webinar recording will not be made available.

February 2024

Mirrors and Lenses – Unlearning Early Childhood Messages


Erin Beacham (she/her/hers)
Founder, ACTivator
ACT Consulting

Perri D. Chandler
ACT Consulting

We receive messages of stereotypes and assumptions at an early age from various socializers. This session will focus on what those messages are and where they came from and how they were reinforced throughout our lives. Participants will have an opportunity to identify experiences that have consciously and unconsciously shaped their identities, assumptions about other people and their worldview. Participants will also have an opportunity to reflect on how to unlearn those messages in order to reduce the impact in our workplaces, schools, communities, etc., as well as break the cycle of socialization.

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January 2024

Navigating the Intersection: DEI and Leadership


Dr. Jeff McGee
Chief Executive Officer
Cross Cultural Dynamics

Join DLA for our first workshop of 2024. In this insightful and dynamic workshop, “Navigating the Intersection: DEI and Leadership,” we will explore the crucial connection between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles and effective leadership. In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, successful leaders recognize DEI’s integral role in fostering innovation, employee engagement, and organizational success. This interactive webinar empowers leaders at all levels to understand, embrace, and leverage the imperative synergies needed between DEI and leadership. Participants will delve into practical frameworks that foster a workplace culture where diversity is not just celebrated but becomes a driving force for an equity culture shift.

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