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2021 VIRTUAL DLA CONFERENCE: Uncomfortable Conversations that Ignite Change…the Dialogues Continue!

Online Only • November 17-19, 2021

Marion Kelly

From Our Founder and Board of Directors
MARCH 2021

An Important Message in support of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander descent Communities

Racially motivated hate crimes and harassment have been systemic in America for people of color and other vulnerable populations for hundreds of years. More recently, specific targeting appears to be focused on members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander descent communities. Contributing to this unfortunate surge in these hateful and vicious acts of crime is the lack of speaking against the building of such a destructive climate that seems to have heightened in recent years.
Very much like the COVID-19 virus pandemic, hate is a virus that must be uprooted at its core. We cannot allow it to further harm the condition of race relations in America. It is deplorable and unacceptable. America is a country of immigrants and all its citizens must be treated with dignity, respect, and humility.

We at the Diversity Leadership Alliance stand for equity and justice for ALL. Today we stand strong and united in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Island Brothers and Sisters.

As the great Dr. King wrote…
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”


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Diversity Leadership Alliance is the premier Diversity Education organization in Arizona. We provide thought-provoking Diversity training, leadership guidance and continued support to help cultivate an inclusive community where each individual is valued and respected.


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    Monthly workshops, with attendance averaging over 100 each month, feature world-class diversity practice leaders who promote leadership skills and educate attendees on a wide variety of topics. Participants gain valuable tools and information that can be implemented in their organizations and community.


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    DLA’s 20th Annual Diversity Conference & Awards “Uncomfortable Conversations that Ignite Change…the Dialogues Continue!” is a three-day deep-dive Racial Equity Conference designed as a safe space and place to actively listen and learn. The conference will be held November 17-19 (Wednesday – Friday) and will be online-only, so you may attend from wherever you are!

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    Youth Leadership Academy

    The DLA Youth Leadership Academy supports Phoenix-area high school students. It is designed to support students transitioning from school to work or college, with tools and resources to help build their leadership skills. Students participate in monthly workshops and are eligible to apply for DLA scholarships.


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Our Monthly workshops focus on Diversity awareness and education and are both informational and interactive. On average, our workshops attract around 100-125 participants monthly. Workshops are always FREE to attend however registration is required. Past workshops have included topics such as The Art of Forgiveness, Unintentional Bias, Microinequities, Multicultural Do’s and Don’ts and the State of Mentoring & How to Make it Work for your Organization.


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Thanks to the generous donations of companies such as Mayo Clinic, SRP, University of Phoenix, Maricopa Community Colleges and Mountain Park Health Center, DLA has been able to award provide its thought-provoking workshops monthly at no cost to attendees. In addition, those donations help provide scholarships to our Youth Leadership Academy participants. Please help us by donating to the DLA where your dollars help us Empower an Inclusive Community.
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