Building Resilience and Renewed Hope for Equity and Inclusion

October 3-4, 2024

The Diversity Leadership Alliance 23rd annual Social Justice Conference will focus on Building Resilience and renewed Hope for Equity and Inclusion. Conference Participants will step into a transformative, content rich experience of virtual and in-person sessions where each individual can delve deeper into the heart and soul of what makes DEI programming impactful and meaningful. The 23rd annual DLA conference will continue to foster a safe space where individuals and organizations can cultivate resilience in the face of challenges and ignite a renewed sense of hope for a more inclusive future. Through thought-provoking panels, riveting keynote addresses and powerful workshops, participants will emerge empowered to navigate the push back on Diversity, wholly embrace inclusion, and drive meaningful conversations within their spheres of influence.

Join us on October 3rd-4th as we champion resilience and inspire a vision of equity that transcends boundaries, igniting a beacon of hope for a world where everyone’s voices are heard and valued.