Dr. Kimberly Nao, Anti-Racism Consultant

September 2023: Equity is Not a Trend: Going beyond performative gestures and tokenism


Dr. Kimberly Nao (she, her, hers)
Anti-Racism Consultant, Nao and Associates
Associate Professor , Mount Saint Mary’s University
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Thursday, September 14th 2023


9:00 – 11:00 a.m. (MST)
Virtual Workshop


The September DLA webinar explores the crucial concept that “Equity is not a Trend” and that true equity goes beyond surface-level performative gestures and tokenism. Inclusion and diversity efforts should not be seen as fleeting trends, but rather as fundamental values that shape the fabric of our organizations and societies. By understanding the depth of equity, we can foster genuine representation, meaningful inclusion, and equitable opportunities for all individuals. In this interactive webinar, we will explore how to move beyond superficial diversity efforts and instead, cultivate a culture of genuine equity and lasting inclusion. We will also examine the detrimental effects of treating diversity as a mere trend and explore practical strategies to embed equity as an integral part of an organization’s core values. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles that can hinder long-term progress in DEI efforts and explore the impact of systemic inequalities. Attend this DLA webinar to learn how to create authentic, inclusive spaces where equity is not just a buzzword, but a guiding principle for growth and success.


Kimberly Nao, educator and consultant, is currently the Fritz Burns Endowed Chair Associate Professor of Education at Mount Saint Mary’s University where she teaches courses on Ethnic Studies, language diversity, linguistics, and teacher professional development. She is also a MSMU Diversity Fellow providing professional learning opportunities in diversity, equity and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff at the Mount. She has worked extensively on diversity and equity issues with a particular emphasis on the intersection of race and gender and facilitates discussions on these issues with organizations throughout the LA area. She has trained K-12 teachers, Santa Monica Police Department police officers, community college faculty and staff, health care workers, and parents of K-12 students on issues related to gender, sexuality, and toxic masculinity with the goal of breaking down gender norms that can lead to rigid gender roles, discrimination, and violence. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher, Kimberly believes that self-awareness and compassion for others leads to social transformation.


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