Navigating the Intersection: DEI and Leaderingship workshop

January 2024: Navigating the Intersection: DEI and Leadership


Dr. Jeff McGee
Chief Executive Officer
Cross Cultural Dynamics


Thursday, January 25th 2024


9:00 – 11:00 a.m. (MST – Arizona)
Location: Virtual Workshop

Workshop description

Join DLA for our first workshop of 2024. In this insightful and dynamic workshop, “Navigating the Intersection: DEI and Leadership,” we will explore the crucial connection between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles and effective leadership. In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, successful leaders recognize DEI’s integral role in fostering innovation, employee engagement, and organizational success. This interactive webinar empowers leaders at all levels to understand, embrace, and leverage the imperative synergies needed between DEI and leadership. Participants will delve into practical frameworks that foster a workplace culture where diversity is not just celebrated but becomes a driving force for an equity culture shift.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Jeff McGee is a consultant, professor, national speaker, podcast guest, published author of the nationally recognized book, “One Human Race: Five Stages to Empowering Transformative Change” and thought leader in using an asset-based approach to understanding cross-cultural and leadership competencies. He is passionate about equipping leaders with strategies and approaches to lead tomorrow’s organizations. He has studied and witnessed barriers between diverse groups where issues of trust, decision-making and roles are misunderstood. Dr. McGee has successfully led many organizations through consultations that have positively impacted organizational culture, relationship-building efforts, and strategic planning.

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