2021 Uncomfortable Conversations – Dialogue #5


MENTAL HEALTH and our evolving workplace norms

“Facing the complex emotions associated with resuming in-person work”



After over a year of working remotely, many employees have mixed emotions about resuming in-person work and returning to the office, including excitement, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, to name a few. Concerns about exposure to the COVID-19 virus, reduction in flexibility, resuming a daily commute, office safety and cleanliness protocols, and vaccine-related expectations are a few emerging pain points. In this important and timely webinar, Dr. Lauren C. Taveras, a licensed clinical psychologist, will guide us through an exploration of these concerns, and more, while identifying concrete strategies to manage our emotions, focus on what lies within our locus of control, and practice perspective-taking to promote an inclusive, compassionate transition back to the workplace.  


Dr. Taveras is a bilingual, bicultural, licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Coral Valley Psychological Services, a private practice dedicated to addressing the psychosocial concerns of individuals, couples, and families, with a special emphasis upon the Latino/a/x immigrant community. In addition to psychotherapy, Dr. Taveras conducts immigration-related psychological evaluations in Spanish and English for asylum- seeking immigrants in the U.S. Dr. Taveras graduated with a Doctorate of Psychology from Long Island University, where she also taught as an adjunct instructor, offering psychology theory and assessment courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She holds Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University Teachers College, as well as in Education from Pace University. Prior to her career as a mental health professional, she was a dual language educator and instructional coach in NYC public schools. As a Dominican American, she was raised in a bilingual, bicultural home; building multicultural competency is an ongoing value at the center of her practice. 

Learn more about Dr. Taveras and her practice at https://coralvalley.healt


DATE: Thursday – June 24th, 2021
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
LOCATION: The comfort of your home office, backyard, couch, or wherever you are practicing social distancing.

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