2021 Uncomfortable Conversations Dialogue #9

“The Indigenous practice of Being”


Indigeneity recognizes the cultural, religious, and holistic contributions of Indigenous people. This webinar acknowledges that while people are not all native to the Americas, they are all indeed connected to indigenous tribal communities from the ancestors of their land of origin. This unique DLA webinar will address the problematic patterns of colonial thinking which can exploit and marginalize most things. All of our institutions, which were built by colonial powers, are plagued with hierarchical thinking, systemic exploitation, and marginalization which are the root of patterns of systemic forms of “ism”.

Our group of cultural thought-leaders and tribal members will take you the attendee on a journey that honors relational practices and demonstrates more productive ways of returning to a more mutual, reciprocal, and relational way of being. Attendees will be placed on the path of decolonization, towards Indigenization which recognizes vital contributions and perspectives from the Indigenous culture. Our panelists in a socially sustainable way will strive to provide holism to help empower indigenous innovation for the mutual benefit of all.



DATE:                           Thursday – October 14th 2021
TIME:                            9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
LOCATION:                The comfort of your home, office, backyard or couch.

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